Massage in the city of Bath

Relax & Be works with independent massage therapists in Bath also. We can have one of our expert team at your door with all the equipment to provide you with a relaxing treatment in your home living room at a time that works for you. We cover all of Bath as long as there’s parking that’s not too far from your house, so if you’re looking for a way to help you to relax while not needing to leave your home then a massage in Bath from one of our expert team could be just what you need!

Can I get a massage at my Hotel in Bath?

When it comes to hotels in Bath we prefer to get their permission before sending one of our therapists in to provide a massage in your room, just so that everyone involved is comfortable, including our therapist when they walk in to your hotel reception with their massage table. We feel like this is fair to your hotel too, so that we’re not stepping on anyone’s toes. They may find it quite strange to see a massage therapist walking in if they already have a spa service for instance. Parking at hotels has sometimes been a bit tricky with hotels too, with our therapists needing to walk long distances with their massage equipment, so to protect their backs we now ask that there needs to be adequate parking. If you would like to have a massage in your hotel room in Bath then we need to know there’s parking close by with a short walking distance to your room and we also need to know you have the permission from your hotels management for our service to go ahead. If you don’t have these then I’m sorry but we will not be able to provide a massage in your hotel room.

Can I get a massage at my Air B n B in Bath?

Oh a holiday to the beautiful city of Bath in an Air B n B and getting a massage while your there! Dreamy or what!? We can provide an excellent Air B n B massage service in fact and can have a therapist with you at a convenient time for you to help you to enjoy and relax with a massage during you time in Bristol.

How easy is it for me to get a massage in Bristol in my home?

Having a massage in your home in Bristol couldn’t be simpler. Once you’ve placed your booking there’s nothing more to do than to sit back and wait for your therapist to arrive.

When is the best time to get a massage in Bristol?

Our therapists work flexibly, adding their hours to our system between 8am and 10pm at night but we can’t guarantee what times slots will be available on a day to day basis. The reason it’s great choosing from a team of therapists times rather than just one is that there’s a whole lot more choice on available slots. This way our massage therapists have the freedom to work flexibly and not over stretch themselves so that when they get to you they are full of energy to put into providing you with an excellently tailored service.

These are the treatments we can do for you

Available treatments for you now in Bath:

  • Head, Neck & Shoulders
  • Couples
  • Aromatherapy
  • Pregnancy
  • Deep tissue
  • Sports
  • Eco
  • Relaxation
  • Bespoke
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