About Us

Relax & Be was created in 2014 with the intention to provide nurture and rest for the mind, body and soul, for as many people as possible and as conveniently as possible. We live in such a busy time and massage is one of the few opportunities we have to be completely still. To slow our minds and bodies down, and to allow our energy levels to be restored.

Realising the limits to reaching more people when working alone, Rosie, a qualified holistic massage therapist herself, noticed a need for a professional home massage service in Bristol and the South West that worked as a team rather than individually. So with her years of experience of working in high end spas under her belt and her refined knowledge of ‘what really makes for a good massage’, Rosie began recruiting our exceptional team of massage therapists and developing the business ever since.

Our Values

Everything we do is grounded in the following five values


We make life easier by coming to you and by lifting the strains of life from your shoulders.


The highest quality treatments from the highest quality therapists. 


Always providing a professional service from start to finish.


Tailoring every treatment to the specific therapeutic needs of our clients.


Being here with you now.

Expert Therapists

Carefully selected, highly skilled, qualified and insured practitioners.

Our team of highly qualified professional massage therapists at Relax & Be are experts at helping to soothe achey muscles and tension with ease. We carefully vet each new therapist to check that their individual qualifications meet our high standards, that they are fully insured and we even check the quality of their massage treatment to make sure that we are only providing you with the very best home massage service possible.


I liked the idea of being mobile - as a fairly new therapist, this would give me opportunities to meet many different people, not just those from the surrounding area.  However, I didn’t feel confident enough just striking out on my own.  I met Rosie, with whom I immediately felt at ease with.
Massage therapist, Bristol
I had heard great things from friends working with Rosie at Relax and wanted to get involved in the great work.
Massage therapist Bristol
It is such a great opportunity to work, learn from and be part of a caring team of professional therapists. I agree with the ethics and ethos of Relax & Be. To offer relaxation and healing to people when and where they need it.
Massage therapist Bristol
I love leaving a client’s own home knowing that they feel fully relaxed and destressed and that they will be able to enjoy the rest of their day with an improved sense of physical and emotional wellbeing. Relax & Be gave me the opportunity to do this straight away, when I had only just moved to the city.
Massage therapist, Bristol
Relax & Be provided both community and security. Their outlook on the profession was inline with my own: it should be professional and bespoke. With these things in mind it didn’t take much thinking to join on with such a lovely group of people
Massage therapist, Bristol
I have worked for Relax & Be on and off for several years as it provides the flexibility for me around childcare. I feel fortunate to work for a company who provide an exceptionally high standard of service to the client and feel well looked after as a therapist.
Massage therapist, Bristol
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