Zen Parties

Spa days and group booking massage in Bristol

Introducing Relax & Be’s group booking option; Zen Parties!

These are specialised group bookings that work wonderfully for Hen Parties, birthday parties, corporate wellness days, or any other group booking! Spa Days and Zen Party massages are a wonderful alterative to traditional hen-dos or parties and are not only a great way to relax for the big day but can help you to give space to the body so you can move in the way it’s designed.

How Zen Parties works

The minimum booking time is 2.5 hours. The time you book is the time our expert therapist is with you at the location of the booking. For clarity this is not the time your therapist is providing treatments, it’s the time they are with you including change over time between guests. So in essence you are hiring our therapist for their time, but just as an employee would need to be paid for their breaks, so do we. 

You can then choose how you wish to divide up this time. For example, you could have x4 30min massages with cross over time. Or perhaps a number of smaller 15min massages. There is also the option to add on additional time of 15, 30 or 60 minute add ons. If this is for a birthday or hen party, perhaps the guest of honour gets a longer session, and the guest have smaller ones! It is completely up to you! 

If you need any help working out how long you think you’ll need and want, please do get in touch!

Example 1

Say you have a group of ten people wanting 15 minute massages, this will be 150mins (2.5hs), and we would suggest adding on an extra 30mins to cater for 5min changeover time between sessions.

Example 2

You have a group of 5 people wanting 45 min massages, this will be 225mins (3.75hrs), so we would suggest adding on x2 extra 60mins, making the total length of booking 270mins (45mins of which will be changeover time and a break for our therapist).

If anything’s unclear please feel free to jump in our group chat support by clicking the yellow button to ‘Reach out to us’. 

Happy booking!

Zen Parties