Massage Membership

Allow us to be your regular at home therapy provider and enjoy multiple benefits

Imagine. It’s coming to the end of your working week and you’re feeling pretty sub-par. When you get home you definitely don’t feel like going out again, your back’s aching and you’re in need of some vital R n R. Then, as you inhale deeply the scent of your favourite post work tipple, a memory comes to you and puts a twinkle in your eye and a skip back in your step! 

That’s right; your regular massage is booked in for tonight and your chosen therapist will be round before the evening’s out. You know the process, you know your therapist, and you don’t even need to go out because, they’re coming to you! Oh life is good with a massage membership!

You can decide to receive your treatment from the same trusted therapist each time, or if you prefer; mix it up to receive a treatment from a different professional each time and find the perfect practitioner for you.

With our Relax & Be VIP membership options there’s never been a simpler way to stay relaxed, calm and comfortable in your body.