It’s February, the month of romance, and we’re feeling inspired to spread the love to our friends in other small local businesses in Bristol whilst at the same time giving YOU some inspiration on how to truly love YOURSELF this Valentines Day!

Take a look at our five TOP suggestions here. Do you ever treat yourself in these ways? Whether you do or don’t, we’d love to hear about it on our Facebook page.

No 1: Take yourself shopping! Yep we said it.

We know that money and shopping alone don’t bring happiness but the occasional treat can certainly spark a little joy. Add a little extra virtue by avoiding the temptations of sweatshop fast fashion, and invest your pennies in something locally made with ethically sourced fabrics instead.
We love local Bristol brand “Maybe Mabel” – founder Lauren Holloway makes cosmetic and toiletry bags, laptop cases, purses and more using colourful cottons mixed with recycled leather. You know you’re worth it!

No 2: Get all hot and sweaty with yourself.

Yes, we’re talking about a run! There’s nothing quite like it to give you a sense of space and a break from the hustle and bustle and obligations of daily life. Just you, fresh air and nature. Where will your marathon running legs take you today? A forest? A farm? Past some new bristol street art?

We love “This Mum Runs” founded by champion entrepreneur Mel Bound for spreading this message – Your time, your space, your pace! They run 90 free daily running groups per month, from 12 different locations in Bristol. Meet other friendly women, get some exercise whilst doing something good for yourself.

No 3: A posh burger

OK not the healthiest or most obvious of Valentine’s Day treats, but sometimes loving ourselves means forgiving ourselves for those not so innocent choices we sometimes like to make! If you treat your body with love for most of the time then we say it’s fine to indulge yourself in a little naughtiness now and then!!

The new diner “Oowee” on the corner of Picton Street has taken Bristol by storm for a reason; their burgers are the ultimate in self satisfying indulgence! The Blue cheese and bacon burger is an absolute winner, and great vegetarian options too!

No 4: A professional selfie

To love ourselves fully we must remember to always be kind to ourselves. True beauty shines from within and working on self-acceptance is more important than appearance. However, there’s no harm in experimenting with personal portraiture now and then.
Dabbling in makeup and fashion can satisfy a curious and creative mind, plus we love the opportunity for self-expression! We at Relax Bristol embrace the selfie and say ‘It’s OK! Be proud of your selfie taking shenanigans!’

There’s no one better in Bristol than “Zzzone photography studios” for this. Their super-talented photographers will put you completely at ease to capture you at your absolute best. We know this from experience – they did our photo shoot!

No 5: A massage at home

We can help with this one! Loving yourself means honouring yourself and listening to what your body needs. If you feel like you could benefit from some time, space, relaxation and tension relief then a massage at home is a great choice. Our Relax Bristol mobile massage therapists can come to you and bring everything that’s needed for the optimum home massage experience. One of the best things (and there are many!) about having a massage at home is that you don’t have to go anywhere afterwards! A relaxing and romantic night in with you – how lovely!

Therapist massaging the neck of woman In the studio
** Note: Shallow depth of field

So there are our five top idea’s to love yourself this Valentine’s day in Bristol! So whether you’re single or coupled up then we hope you feel inspired to go out (or stay in) and indulge in spoiling yourself this February, because you really are worth it.

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