Everything shifts at this time of year. The fluctuating light and temperature have the potential to knock us out of our routines and leave us feeling unbalanced and lackluster. So here’s our 5 tips to help you move into autumn with ease.

1) Honour your energy levels

When the colder nights draw in, it’s normal to notice a difference in our energy levels. Instead of fighting through, try to listen closely to what your body needs. If it’s rest, then plan an early night and put things in place to help you get one. This may mean communicating your plans to the people in your life, or if you have children, planning a bedtime routine swap with a partner or even arranging childcare if you can – communicating your needs is key. Leave screens and potential distractions in another room and focus your attention on setting up your environment for rest. Think of this as a very beautiful romance you are having with yourself. You care about You, and you want You to be happy and if that means rest then rest you shall have!

2) Dose up on daylight

We’ve all heard the facts about our vitamin D levels being on the low side in the UK these days, so tune into your inner Guru or higher power and take a daily pilgrimage. Be it a run in the park, a walk to the shops or eating your lunch outside with your gloves on. Just be sure to get outside as often as you can and soak up the light from those grey, white, orange and brown autumnal days!

3) Have a bath

The simplest of luxuries. A hot bath. An amazing tonic for the body purely and simply on its own, but more self loving and indulgent if you light some candles, bring in some music and add a dose of your favourite bath ingredients! Epsom salts with drops of Lavender and Geranium will help to calm, balance and relax, and the heat will help ease tight and achy muscles and draw the blood away from an overactive mind.

4) Make a romantic meal just for you!

Set the date for a Date with Yourself. It can be for breakfast, lunch or dinner. What matters is the love you put into the meal you prepare yourself. Think, ‘if I wanted to make a meal for myself that would make my tastebuds dance and my body smile what would it be?’ Tell us in the comments if you’re reading this from a social media link – what would you make?

5) Give yourself a massage

Tight necks and achy feet are two hard working parts of ourselves that all too often get taken for granted. When we show our bodies we care with self massage it thanks us with endorphins and good feelings. Try it and see. You can use olive oil or coconut oil either simply alone, or, for extra good feelings, with added essential oils like Rosemary and Lavender – both prized for their muscle easing ability.

What kind of autumnal self care routines do you have? Tell us in comments on our Facebook post!