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“I’ve tried doing lots of different professions with my hands, from hairdressing to dressmaking. But when I first tried massage…it just stuck”

– Ramute, Relax & Be Therapist.

Tell us about yourself? “I am Ramute. A massage therapist for Relax & Be. I’m originally from Lithuania but moved to the UK in 2004. I initially came to Bristol for work but ended up staying, Bristol is my perfect blend of city life and culture but still has its quiet green spaces to get away from it all.” How did you get into massage therapy? “I started doing massage 4 years ago. I started by taking a weekend course at the Bristol College of Massage and Bodywork, I just loved it  from the very beginning. I really like the lecturer who encouraged me to do more training and start doing it professionally” “I went to University to study something completely different and had a few jobs before, but I always felt unfulfilled, like something wasn´t right. I love my work as a massage therapist and I’m always deepening my learning to be able to provide a better service to my clients. I love when I can see a positive change in my clients” “I currently have my Holistic level 4 training, but I’m always learning more to deepen my knowledge of the human body anatomy. I would also love to learn more about energy medicines like Reiki. All these skills go hand in hand and allow me to better understand what my clients need” How has the Covid-19 pandemic affected your life? “When covid happened I took another job as all massage was forced to stop. I liked my job and was grateful for being able to stay busy and financially stable. But within a few weeks I really started to miss my massage work. I missed my clients. I missed seeing their faces after a session and the positive feeling I go from helping people. I didn´t realise I would miss it so much.” What stretch or exercise would you recommend to your clients? “I think cold-water therapy is an amazing way to destress and revive. It doesn’t need to be anything extreme like wild swimming (although that’s fine too!) just a few seconds of cold water at the end of a shower is an amazing way to release tension and feel more grounded.” “I would also recommend some self-massage, this can be done easily with a tennis ball, around any areas that you have aches and pains or need loosening up.” “Lastly, I’m a big fan of yoga, my favourite stretches are downward dog and cat/cow pose” What’s your favourite essential oil? “I guess it depends on my mood. I would say Lavender as it is relaxing, but I also like citrus oils which are more invigorating and fresh”