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“I am a qualified herbalist as well as a holistic massage therapist. I am always building my skills and experience in these areas so I can combine them well and continue to be of good service to my clients.”

 – Anna. A, Relax & Be Therapist.

Tell us about yourself?

“I am Anna, I’m 30 years old and I am a professional massage therapist and herbalist. I live in Bristol and do at home massages in the Bristol area.”

How did you get into massage therapy?

“I originally moved to Bristol to start my massage training, which lead to an interest in health and wellbeing. I then went on to do a BSc in Herbal Medicine. During my degree I worked in the NHS as a nursing assistant.”

“I offer one to one consultations as a herbalist to support people with their health. I create specific medicine to treat each individual. This ranges from internal medicines such as tinctures, teas and syrups and external preparations such as infused creams and oils”

“Before Covid I worked at some festivals with the medical team as a herbalist. We are herbalists that are trained in first aid, so we can treat various aliments from burns to acute infections with herbal medicine. I love working at festivals, I see it almost like field medical training as each situation is different.”


How has the Covid-19 pandemic affected your life?

“I have still been able to do 121 herbal consultations over the phone and sending medicines in the post. Before the summer I left my NHS work and have been focussing on my work as a herbalist. 

‘Emotionally its been up and down. It’s given me time to reflect on life and what was working well and what needed to change. It has given me time to make wiser and kinder life decisions for myself.”

“In the beginning the break from massage was welcome as it gave my body some time to rest. However, within weeks I started to miss it rapidly. I’ve found it challenging not being able to practice massage and really miss that human connection”


What stretch or exercise would you recommend to your clients?

My favourite stretch at the moment is wide legged child’s pose as I find it very restorative.


What’s your favourite essential oil?

“At the moment, I’m loving Rosmary. Especially this time of year, it’s warming and stimulating and invigorating.”